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Unleash Your Creativity with SketchUp: AIBD Dayton Regional Chapter Event Recap

Published 18 days ago • 1 min read

Hello Reader,

Just wanted to share some exciting highlights from the recent AIBD Dayton Regional Chapter event hosted by Sinclair Community College. It was a blast of creativity and innovation, all centered around the world of building design and 3D modeling, with a cool focus on the amazing capabilities of SketchUp.

Our guide for the day was the fantastic Matthew Jones – an AIBD member, Sinclair professor, and design wizard. He took us on a journey into the SketchUp universe, showing us how this tool is shaping the future of design and construction documentation.

Fun fact: Trimble, the brains behind SketchUp, used to be a corporate member of AIBD. Their support has been crucial in driving our shared vision of design innovation.

From the cool SketchUp and LayOut duo to the magic of design and visualization, Jones showed us how SketchUp lets designers bring their craziest ideas to life in stunning 3D detail. We saw it all in action through a captivating case study where initial concepts turned into intricate designs right before our eyes.

SketchUp isn't just a tool; it's a gateway to endless creativity and efficiency. Jones showed us how SketchUp speeds up the design process, from quick concepts to detailed plans, all while keeping things precise and on point. The session wasn't just informative – it was interactive, sparking lively discussions on SketchUp's many features and how it's changing the game for modern design workflows.

Looking ahead, we're reminded of the vital role tools like SketchUp play in shaping the design landscape. Embracing tech isn't just an option; it's a must in today's fast-paced world where innovation is key to unlocking new levels of creativity and efficiency.

For a deeper dive into the event, check out the YouTube video capturing the session highlights:

video preview

Let's keep pushing the boundaries of design, fueled by the endless possibilities modern tech offers. Together, we can reshape the future of building and design, one SketchUp model at a time.

-the A-Team

P.S. Trimble used to be an AIBD Corporate Member, but we seem to have lost our point of contact. If you know someone at Trimble, send an email to If they sign up, you'll snag a complimentary year of membership as a thank you from us.

American Institute of Building Design (AIBD)

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