Exclusive AIBD Gifts and How to Earn Them.

Hello Reader,

Help us congratulate AIBD Fellow, past president, current AIBD Secretary, and the best person you may ever meet, Bernie Kern;

Bernie is the first AIBD member to receive our exclusive Tagline Lunch Bag. Yay! Bernie! Your gift is on its way.

You can get one, too!

Each month through the end of 2024, we are raffling off one lunch bag.

Its top rolls down and closes with hook-and-loop tape, creating the look of a paper lunch bag. Made from 100% cotton canvas, it's durable and lasts ages. The strap handle makes it easy to carry around wherever you go.

Log into your AIBD account online and participate multiple times, but remember, you can only submit once daily.

While you're there, check out all the opportunities available to AIBD members (at their respective levels) and those involved in AIBD's certification program.

If you'd like to see anything added, mention it in the feedback section at the bottom of your account page. We may not be able to fulfill every request, but we intend to make this one link the go-to resource for helping you succeed as a building designer and as a person.

What other cool stuff can you earn?!

AIBD is the prime sponsor of the SkillsUSA National Architectural Drafting Competition. This year's contest has just ended, and you can check out the entries at AIBD.org/SkillsUSA.

While you're there, donate $100+ and receive a commemorative SkillsUSA/AIBD Tagline Coffee Mug.

AIBD annually awards scholarships of up to $3500 to the SkillsUSA National Architectural Drafting Competition medalists in Atlanta, GA. Help us to continue to encourage new top talent to enter the profession.

What else?

Join the Compass Club (AIBD recruitment rewards program) and earn an AIBD Tagline T-shirt. If you're already in the Compass Club, you'll be invited to order your T-shirt the next time you recruit a professional member.

You have a choice of white or black, which are sized to fit.

Last but not least (at least for now).

Earn an entry into the monthly drawing for an AIBD Member Coffee Mug.

When your membership expires, the AIBD bylaws graciously provide for a 30-day grace period to renew (check the date in your AIBD online account).

Those who renew their membership on or before their expiration date are entered into a drawing held during the next month's Coffee With Bernie program, which is a virtual gathering of AEC professionals discussing relevant and timely topics on the third Friday of each month.

Three loyal AIBD Members are chosen each month to receive an exclusive AIBD Member Coffee Mug.

We wish you a continued safe and fun 4th of July celebration and an extra long weekend.

If you're working today, we tip our red, white, and blue hats to you!

To all, thanks for being a part of our community and reading our emails.

The A-Team

P.S. - I know we've mentioned it before, but it's really, really important. The Design & Build San Antonio hotel room block closes on Monday, July 8. Reserve your room(s) now. There's a 72-hour cancelation policy if your plans change.

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