Want to see the SkillsUSA drawings? [Midweek Vibe]

We are thrilled to unveil the results of this year's SkillsUSA architectural drafting competition. Let's applaud our talented students who have passionately honed their craft using pencils, protractors, and computers.

Yet, a gentle warning before you dive in!

These drawings might pull you into a delightful rabbit hole of youthful creativity and fresh perspectives.

Beyond mere sketches, they symbolize the boundless potential of our budding building designers and architects.

Before embarking on a mesmerizing journey through floor plans, elevations, building sections, and site layouts, we wish to acknowledge the six medalists and our esteemed sponsors.

We have set up a link to you can peruse their winning projects, but first, we have a ton of people other people we want to recognize.

Those who gave up their time, finances, and expertise traveled to Atlanta to participate in person or join the competition virtually.

  • David D. Bay - Judge
  • Kara Desaro - Judge
  • David Ecenrode - Judge, Technical Committee
  • Mike Keesee, FAIBD - Judge
  • Tracy Moller - Judge
  • David Pillsbury, FAIBD - Judge
  • Bruce Yancey, FAIBD - Judge

There was prize money for our students thanks to these people.

Through the AIBD College of Fellows, we had many contributors, making it possible for AIBD to award the top three winners in both categories a total of $3500 in scholarships—$750 for Gold, $500 for Silver, and $500 for Bronze.

We want to thank these amazing people by sending them a commemorative SkillsUSA coffee mug.

  • Kimberly Mockert
  • Jennifer Pippin, FAIBD
  • Ted Hake, FAIBD.

Without you, this wouldn't be possible.

Here's the link to view the winners: https://aibd.org/skillsusa/

-The A-Team

P.P.S. - You can find ALL of AIBD’s Corporate and Associate Members at AIBD.org/find-a-design-professional. Choose Corporate in the Member Type drop-down menu and then click Submit.

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