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The American Institute of Building Design (AIBD) is a professional association that promotes the highest standards of excellence in residential building design. AIBD offers a variety of resources to its members, including continuing education, networking opportunities, and marketing assistance. AIBD is a valuable resource for anyone interested in a career in residential building design. If you want to improve your skills, network with other professionals, and stay up-to-date on the latest trends, AIBD is the perfect organization for you.

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Celebrate Excellence 🌟 Nominate for the College of Fellows at AIBD!

Hello Reader, Nominations are officially open for induction into the prestigious College of Fellows at the American Institute of Building Design (AIBD). This is a momentous occasion that recognizes the outstanding contributions made by our members in advancing the building design profession. To be eligible for this esteemed honor, nominees must be certified AIBD Professional Members who have made exceptional contributions to the field of building design. These contributions can take the form...
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2 days ago • 1 min read

AI is transforming the way we create. [Monday Minute]

November 27, 2023 edition of the AIBD's Monday Minute weekly newsletter. AI is transforming the way we create. Watch now This week, Steve dives into the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence. Recently, he's been pushing boundaries and experimenting with creating exterior building elevations. Uncover the insights he's gleaned from these experiments. Plus, don't miss out on an exclusive chance to partake in a sponsored webinar on the subject. Announcements SPONSOR Help us congratulate...
5 days ago • 4 min read

Black Friday Lessons for Architecture and Construction

Today is a day when retailers offer significant discounts on their products. Well, many of the sales started before today, but shoppers believe that the deals won’t last long, so they seize the opportunity to make purchases they’ve been considering. Consumers eagerly await Black Friday because it offers substantial discounts and deals. Buying something at a price lower than the standard retail price is inherently satisfying. Black Friday benefits retailers by driving traffic, clearing...
7 days ago • 3 min read

Any way you slice it, we're glad to partner with you

Hello Reader, As the aroma of Thanksgiving dinner fills the air, we, the A-Team at AIBD, want to serve up a slice of our heartfelt appreciation for your continued support and involvement in our community. Allow us to introduce our bakers, the A-Team, a dedicated group of volunteers and paid employees led by our President, Ben Tabolt from MiTek Services. Our Vice President is Ted Hake, owner of Hake Custom Homes, and our immediate Past President is Bernie Kern, the host of Coffee With Bernie....
9 days ago • 1 min read

The First Builders of America [Midweek Vibe]

Hello Reader, Congrats on surviving Monday and crushing Tuesday. Now Wednesday beckons you to take a break and celebrate this week's Midweek Vibe! Thanksgiving is a chance to appreciate the good things in life, like family, community, and the land's riches. Let us celebrate the autumn's harvest and the gifts of Mother Earth's abundance. Every day is fitting to show our gratitude for creation, care for the environment, and recognize the human need for communication with nature and others. So...
10 days ago • 1 min read

Want some free pizza, on the AIBD?

Hey there design enthusiast, builder, architect, manufacturer, supplier, or other incredible industry partner! We're thrilled to invite you to an unforgettable event that combines mouthwatering delights and networking opportunities like no other. Get ready for Viva Las Pizza, happening on February 27, 2024, at the fabulous Office Bar - the ultimate hotspot for design aficionados. Trust us, you don't want to miss this! To secure your spot at Viva Las Pizza and let us know you're coming, head...
10 days ago • 1 min read

25 Architectural classics that are available to read online for free.

November 20, 2023 edition of the AIBD's Monday Minute weekly newsletter. 25 Architectural classics that are available to read online for free. Watch now Steve has discovered a website posting scanned copies of classical architectural books online for free. The small library of literary gems spans all the way from the first century BC. We can only assume that this is possible because the copyrights have expired. Find out what books they are, how to get to them, and a link to an online...
12 days ago • 5 min read

The Architectural Legacy of a King as He Turns 75

As we celebrate the milestone of King Charles III's —formerly known as Prince Charles— 75th birthday (November 14), it warrants a look at his profound influence on architecture in the United Kingdom and worldwide. Many have criticized his involvement in the field, labeling it as meddling. However, upon closer inspection, his influence may have shaped the growth of traditional residential neighborhoods in America. His enthusiasm for classical architecture has led him to interfere with many...
15 days ago • 3 min read

Elevate Your Career with AIBD Career Center's Exclusive Services

Hello Reader, Are you ready to unlock your full professional potential and soar to new heights in your career? Introducing the AIBD Career Center, your ultimate partner in achieving career success. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive services that will set you apart from the competition, leave a lasting impression on employers, and help you secure your dream job. Discover the benefits of our services: Personalized Career Guidance: Gain valuable insights and make informed decisions...
16 days ago • 1 min read

Unlocking the Secrets of Attic Ventilation [Midweek Vibe]

Hello Reader, Congrats on surviving Monday and crushing Tuesday. Now Wednesday beckons you to take a break and celebrate this week's Midweek Vibe! Derived from the Latin word for 'to fan,' ventilation is the simple act of air movement. It's a dance between hot and cool air — the hot air departs, and cooler air replaces it. This process, known as an 'air exchange,' occurs whenever stale, overheated air in your home or attic is expelled and replaced by fresher, cooler air.​Ventilation is more...
17 days ago • 3 min read
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